Hi Demetria, oh my gosh!! Thank you so much, there was a whole lot of energy going on!! I wanted to let you know I am feeling calm, peaceful, and like a weight has been drained (or sucked out of) from my body!! I am very grateful for you, and all the support that came in for me🙏 it was very powerful, and quite an experience, I won’t forget! I felt the love!! Thank you!!"  Karen, Ontario, Canada

"Demetria, Whatever you witnessed with me last night, it worked. I felt better today than I have in over a *month*! That is not to say that there weren't several moments when I just wanted to lie down and go back to sleep at inappropriate times, but overall I felt better, I felt uplifted, I felt happier, more focused and more able to stay with the program, so to speak, than I have in for-ever."  Janina, Louisiana

She really impressed me with how she was letting go of EVERYTHING in her life that wasn't true... and building a beautiful NEW life around purpose and authenticity: a life path she calls "Soul Freedom." And she did all that while being a devoted mother to her children.  I knew she was special... and totally the right person to help other women (especially moms) who are yearning to live with more freedom and happiness. Morgana Rae, President of Charmed Life Coaching Inc., International #1 Best-selling author of Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation and winner of WE Magazine's "Top Women in Ecommerce" Award

“Demetria, you are a gift in the world of healing! I cannot thank you enough for the healing session today! I arrived feeling so out of whack, fearful and disturbed that I didn’t think it was possible the session could help me to feel normal again. Yet, quickly and easily, you brought me to the deepest kind of insight, and it gave me total peace. Point by point, you proceeded to address so many facets of what was going on with me, that the work felt totally thorough and complete beyond what I could have even envisioned! As a fellow healer, I know how important it is to listen with compassion but also to maintain an even keel- which is exactly what you seemed to do! It was an overwhelmingly beautiful experience and I do feel normal now! Thank you!” ~ Joanna, Moraga, CA

Demetria did my card reading... and holy cow! I cannot even begin to tell you how spot on the cards were. I was truly blown away. Even if I had orchestrated the cards they wouldn't have come out more perfectly. It was truly remarkable and I am in awe. After the session I felt whole-- my true self again (which I've been missing these last few months). I was filled with peace, love and bliss. Thank you Demetria! You are awesome.”  Audra, San Francisco, CA

“Demetria I can't thank you enough for putting this all together for us to be able to be dig deeper and listen to our soul. My beautiful soul sisters a great big hug and thank you to you all for your love ,your input , your healing and especially your voice...Demetria your words always speak to my soul and give me the chance to shift my perspective every time ..thank you beautiful one for all that you are ...each and every one I'm still in awe of this amazing transformation that's happening to me through our time together...our healing session last night will stay with me this life time and beyond thank you all for baring your all and allowing us to heal together.....once again if I had one word to describe the course my beautiful Demetria...transformational...thank you much love to you all”  Grace, Scotland

"Wow - I haven't got the words together to voice my gratitude for the miraculous journey this past 5 weeks has been but thank you Demetria Manuselis for the wisdom and profound knowledge you have shared with such an open heart. Thank you to everyone for the selfless way this evolved and for all the outpouring of love, guidance and intuition throughout - wow!! We are a force of nature together and it is this unity that enhances each of us individually - the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts and for me I feel whole within this group - so thank you all, to Creator I am in awe and to our beautiful guides and Angels thank you and keep it coming as we love it and need it.” Sarah, Australia

“Thank you so much for your awesome program of discovering your soul dreams! You made my soul smile shine Dance and cried in all ways.... just wishing that the program will never end... I received so much wisdom understanding clearing &&healing than I couldn't ever imagine possible in 5 weeks, and also having now such Beautiful soul friends. Love love love your so sweet &&powerful discovering... and so much more love to you from the deepest of my heart & soul”  Valerie, Spain

“Thank You for the opportunity and privilege to journey with you and the lovely ladies and to realize emotions and feelings I had trapped. I apologize It is a beautiful course and I am sure I would have benefited more had I been able to attend all the sessions. I just wanted to say you have an amazing potential for a spiritual movement and your energy is just so calm and warm and you will do great things!” Vanessa, New Hampshire, USA

“I cannot express what gratitude I have in my heart for Demetria Manuselis for organizing this awakening experience as well as for everyone that was a participant in all the healings. I am always blown away at everyone's skills and was honoured to be on receiving end of them all. I am not as eloquent with words like some of us in our group but I did want to say that I love you all from the bottom of my heart.” Lauren, Canada

"I was so full of joy. I felt so much clearer afterwards and at peaceKel, Canada

"Congratulations on putting together your marvelous Summit.
Your Soul light is needed in the world now more than ever.
"  Sasha
"I just wanted to let you know how very much I have been enjoying your series of interviews. You are doing a fabulous job. Your interest and gratitude shine through with each guest! Thank you so much!"   Vaughn, Atlanta, GA

"I just want to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job on your summit....you are an excellent interviewer!" Charlene, South Carolina

"Your interviews are incredible and not too long and they are part of my spiritual practice. So proud of what you have done to get this far and have the miraculous impact you are having on all of us souls who are ready to share our unique healing message. The best thing about you in this series, is that you show you are vulnerable and present to the Aroha-infinite love of the Summit. You partner your speakers for your audience. Sooo Refreshing!!" Huhana, New Zealand

"What a deep and intensely connected talk. You listen so well, receive so well and you guide so well as well. You are a BORN interviewer and look absolutely amazing on screen. I listened last at night in bed to your interviews and I can only say thats its a real real success this soul trip. You have worked so hard to get this done and then again it looks soo easy. I am in awe and I love what I hear and the gifts are awesome too. I am your FAN Demetria Manouselis! For LIFE!Tamar, Paris, France