Is the Soul Good or is it Free?

You do not have to be good.  You have to be free.  Free from the judge telling you where to flee. Being good is bondage.  It is entrapment into the society's beliefs you were born into.

Elizabeth Gilbert ponders this same question on her Facebook page.

I decided to take the invitation and delve into it.

Being good is easier, it is also stagnant, stale, like a swamp.  All you have to do is follow rules that have been prescribed, written down, or spoken by your tribe.  Like a blind mule, (or a sheep to the slaughter), you follow the herd, ignoring the howls and screams from your heart.  You do not have to be good all the time, nor should you.  Being good often means enslavement to a standard set by someone who lived in a different time or place.  A standard made of chains and walls (sometimes made of gold) around your ever flowing, radiant, irresistible heart.  The organ that only knows truth. The heart is the detector and receptor of the soul.  The soul is the true boss whether we want it to be or not.  It communicates to the heart first, sent to the mind to process, is reflected in our energy field and manifested in and outside the body.  (For more detail and the science on this Unified Field Theory, you can read Dr. Master Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu's book.)

The soul is the boss.  If we listen to it, we are guided to everything we need.  Sometimes the soul guides us to things that our conditioning cautions us against.  The ego wants to keep us safe and it wants to stay in tact.  Don't mess this up, it seems to say.  It is a tradition in our family, this is the way it has always been done, look at all I have done for you.  What the ego will not tell you is that these unquestioned beliefs are all entrapments.  Sometimes they may be in alignment with current reality, but often they are not.  The soul is always right and will always guide you to the greatest peace, the greatest harmony, the greatest love, and ultimately to the truth of who you really are.