The Soul's Choices

We can choose the options we already know about.  The ones that have already been experienced in the past.  We can also choose something that may only exist in our imagination.  If the universe is infinite and we are all creators in human bodies, we can assume that we can create new possibilities.  All that we can see with our physical eyes originated in someone's imagination.  Why then can we not all imagine something and observe how it solidifies into form?   We can observe this physically when air condenses into water and then is frozen into ice.  We could say that our thoughts are the same.  If that is true, than we have many more choices than our parents, friends, and co-workers tell us we have.  We have many more choices than the logical mind based in memory could ever have.

Therein lies the power of the intuitive mind.  Intuition can see something the five senses cannot.  It is the signal from the infinite universe, the warehouse of the soul, offering an idea that has not been experienced in physical reality.  It is through intuition that we have choices.  We have the power to choose a new reality in the present moment.

Not the prescribed options inherited from our ancestors, community, society, the media, or our genetics.  It is through the intuition that we find the doorway to freedom, freedom from the known, the recycled, the ego, to the new, the original, the true divine inheritance.

This is the dream of our soul.