Can you Live your Soul’s Dream and Be Prosperous?

Are you as tired as I am of people making money something you have to fight for?

What if money is a spiritual substance we have been consciously and unconsciously been playing hide and seek with for thousands of years….and….well to the disappointment of some, the game is now coming to an end.  Most of us have been either hiding from it, chasing it, or holding onto it for dear life.

 “All substance is energy in motion.  It lives and flows.  Money is symbolically a golden, flowing stream of concretized vital energy.”  The Magical Work of the Soul

 Have you ever tried to hold onto an emotion, water, or air?  Money as it turns out is not all that different.

 Have you ever wondered why “war” language is so often used when referring to business and money? For example, “make a killing”, “crush it”, “capture clients”, or “badass at making money”?

 Why do we believe we have to turn into warriors to make money?  It could be because like our breath, paying non-judgmental attention to money is simple but not easy in the midst of the hide and seek mind?  It could also be because money has been used to fund the very wars and enslavement that fought over it or it could simply be that war language sells.

What if we just stopped playing the game we have been taught to play by the small percentage of people holding the majority of the money?

 “The idea that you must work for your right to be alive – earn a living as if living were a gift that can be bought.   The belief that the only way to make money is to work hard for it came from an elite group that decided that human beings were worth little more than to live their lives as worker drones.  A role barely elevated above slave race, where uprisings were unnecessary for the vast majority because slave was a label given to someone else and you were not that.  And yet you were not free, you were imprisoned by a belief that said money was hard to come by and that you had to work hard or else starve, be homeless, and ashamed. Abundance for All,  by Caroline Oceana Ryan: 

 The collective, a group of high vibration beings that she channels go on to say,

 “Your current monetary system is an illusion, in which many zeroes are placed after a number in a computer, not any connection to precious metals or items of actual worth.  Trillions of dollars and euros have been concocted out of thin air.  If the very wealthy need not work for their money, neither need anyone else.  Part of your role as a light worker is to assist in the reinstatement of light in human monetary affairs.”

 Would we be left in the cold as we have been misled to believe by not obeying the dictates of old paradigms regarding stress and hard work or would we be free to fulfill our soul’s dream?  I propose the latter.               

If what we can perceive with our senses is only 1% of reality according to quantum physics, then our physical bodies and money make up a very small part of reality; however more than 50% of our collective consciousness is focused on this physical reality, in other words concerned with the world of objects and matter to the exclusion of all other dimensions and realities we are existing in.   There are also statistics showing that 1% of the population owns more than 50% of the wealth on the planet.  Could this be an outer reflection of this disparity in where our consciousness lies?

The rebalancing of resources and the unification of our species is all part of the liberation of consciousness.

Light emissaries, empaths, spiritual seekers have historically denied the existence of money leaving it to energies of greed to gather and steward.  As long as money is in the shadows, she will continue to unconsciously control us and be controlled by those that are under the grip of shadow energies.  We have been hearing many messages for decades now about how money is going away and we are moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where we can just manifest what we need instantly.

If you are already consistently doing that with ease, call me.

For the remaining, 99.999% of humanity, the third dimension of time and space still has momentum and gravity for us.  Here is the really important part to know that is not often shared.  In order to be in and remain in the high consciousness of instant manifestation, we must allow money to be brought into the light of that consciousness.

Is it any wonder why money is continuously stated as the number one concern and reason that we feel we are unable to fulfill our soul’s mission or live our dreams?

Money has a deep history of being manipulated, controlled, feared, and denied by the very beings who created her as a means of exchange.

We keep hearing things like…”Money doesn’t matter”, “I don’t care about money”, or conversely “Money is the path to freedom.”  

What kind of society do these beliefs create?  Basically, money is either denied (cast into the shadow) or serves as a slave driver and a slave.

You wouldn’t want to set free the very thing that is responsible for your freedom would you?

Money has been a topic largely avoided by the spiritual community and at the same time she is obsessed with and worshipped on wall street and in most economic institutions.  The truth is, money has endured tremendous abuse.

I believe it is time to bring money out of the shadows…much like our emotions into the light of our loving awareness.  It is time to see her for what she is.  

She is an energetic exchange in physical form, a representation of circulation much like red blood cells transporting nutrients to different organs in the human body, money transports resources to various parts of the body of humanity.  She cannot be denied or held onto.  For what you are attached to is attached to you, what you possess, possesses you, and what you own, owns you.  You are far beyond anything you can own and as energy you cannot be ultimately contained.

Money has been mistreated for far too long.  She is a spirit and no she is not scarce.

Prosperity is the balancing of all aspects of your experience, which include money.  It is the integration of your shadow as part of your whole being.. the true you that is here now.  It is non-dual, in other words, it is the reverence of all that is.

From “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist tells a story about a leader of a village in Bangladesh, where there had been extreme poverty and high levels of crime.  He attended a workshop by the Hunger Project focusing on looking within and locally for what is already there.  

“He was so inspired, he gathered 6 of his friends to look at the resources they already had, but previously overlooked.  They got permission to clear seventeen acres of tangled vegetation that had taken over their land.  They inspired 600 more people to start the clearing effort, training young people and widows to cultivate and farm.  In clearing he land, they were surprised to discover a lake with abundant fish. Eighteen thousand people in the immediate area benefited from this activity and an area that had been wracked with poverty was now becoming self-sufficient and beginning to flourish. The crime rate had dropped by an astounding 70 percent.”

Prosperity is the ability to open your heart and accept your true source of well-being and all its reflections.  It requires seeing and relating to the unwanted and wanted parts in a way that is honoring, liberating, and with integrity.  We are being supported by mother earth at this time to keep our hearts open and allow prosperity in a variety of forms to come to, through, and as us.  When we listen to our soul’s guidance, the ego loosens its grip on making us separate. We merge with Divine will and the flow of abundance is truly realized as our birthright.

Prosperity is your birthright because you have been given everything you need the moment you got here. It can only be accessed in the present moment.  The question is – are you prosperous now?   This requires deep stillness  to answer.  It is not something that can be manipulated, controlled, feared, or denied.  What lake of abundance is hidden underneath all the beliefs that say you don’t deserve it?

I say that Prosperity is not something you have to search and work hard for. 

It is who you are right now beneath those beliefs.

If you feel you would like additional support in this, I have included three audios and a 20 minute session with me here.

May you prosper and thrive.


Emotions are Money

How can emotions be linked to money?

Let me first give you some background as to how and maybe why I received this information and why I must share it with you now.

I have spent my career in the last 20 years focused on essentially two things: money and emotions.  

I had no idea they were connected until now.

I started off as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for millionaires, then decided I wanted to use my skills and abilities to help those on the other end of the spectrum.  I became a wage and hour investigator assisting in the return of millions of dollars to hard working employees who were not paid wages legally owed to them.  I was always particularly fascinated with human behavior and the role of human emotions in relationships and the work environment.  This led me to focus on helping people one on one in healing emotional wounds through a process of energy clearing.

Here is the important part:

I have not heard or read anyone talking about this, but emotions are energy in circulation.  We all have an emotional body just like we have a physical body.  We are also microcosms of the macrocosmic universe.  Everyone knows that money is energy, but did you know that money is the outer reflection of emotions specifically?

Physical healers will all tell you that disease is a denial of emotions; and….so is debt.

I am going to speak specifically to the collective culture in the United States because it is the one I am most familiar with.  Everyone here is aware of their physical bodies and matter in all its manifestations because it can be seen and touched with our physical senses and we can get easy agreement from our neighbor that our living room chair for example is blue if it is blue.  You may disagree on the specific shade, but you can agree it is still blue.

Nutrition, exercise, fashion, and computers are all billion dollar industries.  We know very clearly what they do for us, and based on how identified we are with matter, or the physical, we will invest in it.  As a culture, professions like accounting, healthcare, attorneys, engineers, and computer technicians are greatly respected for how they can help our physical assets (homes, bodies, computers, money, cars).

What about our emotions?  We do in fact have an emotional body.  The problem is that we cannot see it.  We can feel it, but we cannot physically touch it.  For that reason, as a collective culture raised on Newtonian physics, we mostly deny it.  When you get physically injured or come down with the flu, you can get a doctor’s note and be excused from school or work.  You are even advised to stay home and take care of yourself.

So what happens when there is an injury to the emotional body?  Basically, you are told to pretend you don’t have it.  Have you ever heard anyone say you are not allowed to cry at work, or women are too emotional, or the eye roll and blank stare when an emotion is expressed? Maybe someone who is really into the positive thinking movement believes lower emotions are bad and decides to quickly change the subject.  This is all denial of the emotional body and it has been going on collectively for a long time.  The history of the financial system in the United States and how it is linked to the denial of emotions will be covered on another post.

So what does this have to do with money?

Emotions are like energetic charges.  The word charge is appropriate because it feels like a charge in your body.  You feel anger and your face gets red from the intensity of the charge for example.

Like charges on a credit card, emotional charges do not go away, they gather interest until they are paid.

Emotional charges simply are asking for conscious attention, no thought or judgment, only attention and awareness.  They are debts in your energy field that have been pushed away, ignored, and are asking to be seen.   The longer they are in the shadows, the more energetic interest they gather until they are paid conscious attention to.  Energy healers specialize in helping you with this by clearing large amounts of charges from your emotional body that can reflect as financial debts being paid in the physical.  I have experienced this first hand.

Let me give you some examples.  Notice people who tend to have their emotions under lock and key and keep them tightly hidden away.  They probably have money saved up in accounts they don’t ever touch.  Although they seem unaffected by emotions, they are also not benefiting from them either.  There is a flat and stale quality to their energy.

There is also those with the personality archetype that is committed to proving that they are a victim.  They dismiss the emotions of contentment and happiness because they pose a threat to their identity.  People with this dominant archetype may find they do not have money to do the things they would like to do.  Their emotions have control over them and so does money, so more than likely they work in jobs they do not like or are in relationships they are very unhappy in for money.

Another example is someone who only allows positive emotions.  If a negative emotion arises, it is immediately denied and repressed as they proceed to recite positive affirmations on their way to the next big millionaire mindset event, intent on making this year their most profitable one yet.  You will find that many of these people have large amounts of debt due to they systematic denial of certain emotions.

If you want more abundance in your life, consider allowing whatever emotions come your way to play, to tantrum, and to go when they are ready to.

If you would like some help you can go to and schedule a consultation.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might benefit.




Is the Soul Good or is it Free?

You do not have to be good.  You have to be free.  Free from the judge telling you where to flee. Being good is bondage.  It is entrapment into the society's beliefs you were born into.

Elizabeth Gilbert ponders this same question on her Facebook page.

I decided to take the invitation and delve into it.

Being good is easier, it is also stagnant, stale, like a swamp.  All you have to do is follow rules that have been prescribed, written down, or spoken by your tribe.  Like a blind mule, (or a sheep to the slaughter), you follow the herd, ignoring the howls and screams from your heart.  You do not have to be good all the time, nor should you.  Being good often means enslavement to a standard set by someone who lived in a different time or place.  A standard made of chains and walls (sometimes made of gold) around your ever flowing, radiant, irresistible heart.  The organ that only knows truth. The heart is the detector and receptor of the soul.  The soul is the true boss whether we want it to be or not.  It communicates to the heart first, sent to the mind to process, is reflected in our energy field and manifested in and outside the body.  (For more detail and the science on this Unified Field Theory, you can read Dr. Master Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu's book.)

The soul is the boss.  If we listen to it, we are guided to everything we need.  Sometimes the soul guides us to things that our conditioning cautions us against.  The ego wants to keep us safe and it wants to stay in tact.  Don't mess this up, it seems to say.  It is a tradition in our family, this is the way it has always been done, look at all I have done for you.  What the ego will not tell you is that these unquestioned beliefs are all entrapments.  Sometimes they may be in alignment with current reality, but often they are not.  The soul is always right and will always guide you to the greatest peace, the greatest harmony, the greatest love, and ultimately to the truth of who you really are.

The Soul's Choices

We can choose the options we already know about.  The ones that have already been experienced in the past.  We can also choose something that may only exist in our imagination.  If the universe is infinite and we are all creators in human bodies, we can assume that we can create new possibilities.  All that we can see with our physical eyes originated in someone's imagination.  Why then can we not all imagine something and observe how it solidifies into form?   We can observe this physically when air condenses into water and then is frozen into ice.  We could say that our thoughts are the same.  If that is true, than we have many more choices than our parents, friends, and co-workers tell us we have.  We have many more choices than the logical mind based in memory could ever have.

Therein lies the power of the intuitive mind.  Intuition can see something the five senses cannot.  It is the signal from the infinite universe, the warehouse of the soul, offering an idea that has not been experienced in physical reality.  It is through intuition that we have choices.  We have the power to choose a new reality in the present moment.

Not the prescribed options inherited from our ancestors, community, society, the media, or our genetics.  It is through the intuition that we find the doorway to freedom, freedom from the known, the recycled, the ego, to the new, the original, the true divine inheritance.

This is the dream of our soul.